Hd 5850 crossfire dxdiag approx total memory wrong

I just built a new computer a few days ago after ~10 years...not really up to date on everything =/
anyways, Im using windows 7 64bit and i have installed 2 sapphire radeon hd5850 2gb graphics cards in crossfirex. 12gb total ram. When i go into dxdiag it shows I have Approx total memory (under the display tab) @ 2752mb. Shouldn't it be 4000? When i disable crossfire it drops to just under 1000mb.

Not sure if this is possibly causing my gfx cards to perform at a lower level. Please help. Thank you.
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  1. No, dxdiag is right, when you CF a card, it only use the same amount of Memory of 1 card, in this case 2GB... :)
  2. hmm thats what I was thinking, but when i take one of the cards out or disable Xfire, it shows 998mb as Approx Total memory, shouldn't that be at least 2000mb? It is a 2gb card.... -.-

    My friend brought over his comp, hes running Vista and using a similar card but only 1gb and no xfire and only directx10 and his total approx memory is around 3900mb. I did a little searching and found one article saying its a windows 7 API bug or something, but it usually shows more approx total memory, while mine shows less. =/
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