Hard Drives: Odd, Very odd indeed.

Heres a scenario that I'm hoping someone can enlighten me on.

A user removed his laptop's hdd drive while on standby (yes the cardinal rule is to never ever remove the hdd laptop whilst its on standby; we were told he did it by mistake) to a different, but almost identical laptop. When the laptop where the hdd was switched to was turned on; the boot up sequence goes as far as the laptop logo, then restarts then back to the logo it goes in a loop.

When the hdd is removed from the laptop and connected to a desktop so that the user can at the very least retrieve his files from it; some how, his data is gone and was replaced by the data from the second laptop to which it was plugged in to.

Any thoughts on this?

Thank you in anticipation,
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More about hard drives indeed
  1. Are you sure that the correct drive was removed ?
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