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Hey all,

In the ATI Catalyst Control Application, I have the fan speed set to 30%. How much is that in terms of rpm that the gpu fan is running at?

Also the temps and noise levels seem to be fine for my PC except for my 5870 gpu. What are some tried-and-true solutions/products that I could do to lower noise levels and more importantly decrease card temps.

I know there is water-cooling, but I'm not sure if it's worth it just for 1 component. I have also read about this CoolIT OMNI waterblock w/ radiator similar to the corsair H50 for the cpu. Then there are numerous VGA coolers some notable top sellers I saw were the Zalman brands on Newegg.

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  1. So, at 30% speed, what is your temps? idle? full load?
  2. at 30% im idling at about 55C. the only time my pc is under load is when i have some time to game and the temps vary between 75-90C.
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