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What's the diffrence between an AMD Phenom II x4 945 and a 955? other than it being a higher clock, are there any physical diffrences? so if I was to have a 945 and OC it to 955/965 levels, I would essencially have a 955/965 right?
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  1. The PhII 955 is a black edition, meaning it has better rhythm and and a bigger *package* (if you catch my drift).
  2. The black edition or *BE* has an unlocked CPU multiplier.

    You are correct in that a PhII is a PhII is a PhII. In order to OC with the 945 it will be necessary to increase the clock above stock 200MHz.

    By dropping the memory ratio a notch and clocking to the 240MHz range, with good cooling you will easily hit 3.6GHz with the IMC/NB raised from 2000MHz stock to 2400MHz (a good thing). Your RAMs will also be returned to stock spec.
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