1440x900 on my new Laptop

Trying to use my older widecreen monitor with my new laptop. Can't get the resolution right.


Toshiba A505-6025 - Intel i3.
Video: Intel GMA HD
Monitor: LG Flatron L196WTQ-BF
Win 7 Home Premium 64B
Using a VGA cable.

THe monitor has an auto set on it, and when I hit it says set to 1440x900. Only that is not an available option in control panel. I really have no idea where to go/what to do to try to get this working right.
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  1. If you install your external monitor drivers on the laptop you should get its resolution available in display settings.
  2. I checked LG's site and they only have drivers for Win XP and Vista. Should I attempt to install one of these on Win 7?
  3. 64bit vista might work.
  4. ^+1 Vista 64 drivers should work.
  5. Ok, thanks. I'll give it a try tonight and see what I come up with.
  6. ]Not having any luck. This is the only driver file I could find on LG's site.....


    and there doesn't seem to be any exectuable file or anyway I can see to install any drivers...
  7. Hmm try saving them in a known location, then go to hardware in control panel, find the monitor and go to properties. There should be a driver tab, and you can choose to find the latest drivers, then select that folder. It might work that way.
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