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I have been using an small old i3 toshiba laptop w a broken screen to run my blue iris Surveillance camera software. I am able to hide the laptop away in a spot in the back above some of the rack mount equipment out of sight. Sadly it seems that after 2 years of continuous running it finally has died :(

SOooo does anyone have any hardware/computer recommendations as to how I should go about running this mini server? A rackmount/tower is too big. I'm thinking another laptop or maybe a tablet would be good but I need to consider the longevity of the unit and am unsure of the best in terms of what I am trying to do. Price range 200 - 300 $ Any suggestions on how to go about doing this welcome!

unit be on 24/7
Must be able to run blue iris and record data when motion is detected (fairly often)
Cameras connected are 2x USB and 2x Foscam via wireless Network

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    Hello! If your last laptop worked so well for you, why not try buying that again? I mean, it’s probably not that expensive anymore so you can afford to get a new one every two years. Also, you can upgrade it in a way that it can last much longer. Maybe get some cooling fans for it?
    Or why not upgrade to a real surveillance system? It might cost less compared to buying a new laptop and upgrading it. And you’d get better quality too (most likely).
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