Why is my front input jacks for mic and audio not working?

Hello, About a week ago i tried recording my guitar, through my front mic input jack. After that I went on vent to talk to my Warcraft friends and my mic wouldnt work. I tried plugging my headphones in a couple days later and it didnt work either. I plugged the mic into the back of my computer and it worked for a couple days, but now whenever i plug the mic in the back it picks up all sounds (my voice, any sounds near, etc) I wouldnt even have to be on vent, itd still pick up sounds. Is there any way i can fix one or both of these input jacks, and problems?
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  1. The front jacks, are they connected to the motherboard?

    On my own builds I sometimes forget to connect stuff to the motherboard (power buttons, USB ports, audio jacks). On non-custom builds (Dell, HP, etc) there's probably some kind of proprietary connection from a front IO panel to the motherboard, make sure that's in.

    As for the audio weirdness, I'm not quite sure of what you are describing...

    Good luck!
  2. On some motherboards, you cannot have front and back jacks enabled at the same time. There's a switch on the board that selects which one is active.

    If you're not afraid to get your hands dirty, I suggest you dig up your motherboard manual, see which connectors do what for the audio jacks, open up the case, and have a look to see if everything's connected properly.
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