Lightening strike killed my moboard!


Last week lightening struck near my house and I now I don't have any video off of my moboard. Current moboard is a gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H 780G RT. I am looking at a BIOSTAR TForce590SLI deluxe and am looking for advice.
CPU- A64 X2 (AM2 socket)
RAM- 4X 1G OCZ2N10662GK
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  1. Are you getting no video from the onboard or the discrete card?
  2. no video from either, tried with 2 monitors. The machine does sound like it is starting up correctly.
  3. Sounds like a board issue. The Nforce 590SLI chipset is old and I would select a replacement board with a newer chipset with the possibility of upgrading the CPU later, example
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