Nvidia 3D Vision with 120Hz Samsung TV (accepts 60Hz input though)

My 32 inch TV is really nice, but it's not 3D ready. I bought it specifically for 3D, and I made sure it was 120Hz

However, a few months after I bought it I read that it only accepts 60Hz (as most of the TVs 18 months ago), so it wasn't a TRUE 3D ready TV

So, I got a bit frustrated with the way companies market their products. This wasn't Samsung fault, but hey Nvidia said I needed a 120 Hz TV, and I bought a 120Hz TV

So, I still don't know who failed, maybe it was me haha, but it was REALLY confusing.

I think I blame Samsung, since it shoudl put an asterisk like this: 120Hz*

I know my samsumg duplicates each frame, and thus it 'emulates' 120 Hz, but its' not a TRUE 120Hz, since in only accepts 60Hz

Anyway, I am NOT going to sell my TV that I bought for $1000. I guess people will offer me $200 or so, so I'm not going to do that.

I am NOT going to buy a new 32-inch 3D ready TV since I guess it will be expensive, I really want a 32 inch TV that has PIP.

Anyway, I like editing videos in Adobe Premiere CS5, and I really want to buy a new 3D monitor, because with Adobe Premiere CS5 I can edit the video on the main screen, and watch the preview on the left screen.

So, my question is

1) Is there a 32-inch TV that's 3D ready and that has PIP?

If not, do you think there will be one soon?

I really want to buy a 32 inch TV in the next 1-3 months, and I'm afraid the technology won't arrive so soon.
I know there are a lot of 3D ready TVs but I haven't seen that in 32-inches

2) What happens if I buy Nvidia 3D Vision?
Will it work on my TV?
will it give me headaches?

I'm not going to play 4 hours haha, maybe 1-2 hours, max.
I could lower the resolution and play at 1680x1050 with 75Hz, how will that look?

I like the idea of 3D, but I am NOT crazy about it either.
I saw a Nvidia 3D Vision demo at Fry's, I wasn't impressed.

However, I saw a 3D BluRay movie with the Samsung TV, WOW, I WAS REALLY IMPRESSED!!

3) Will I be able to buy Nvidia 3D Vision, and watch my 720p movies (mkv) in 3D?

Can I 'convert' them to 3D?
What if I watch a UFC event that I recorded at 720p?

Thanks in advance
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  1. 120Hz HDTV and 120Hz PC monitors operates differently. They each have their own specifications.

    120Hz (and 240Hz) HDTVs do internal video processing to "improve" video quality. This is basically done by creating and inserting frames. When gaming on a LCD HDTV always set it to 60Hz, otherwise the video processing will cause additional input lag which you do not want.

    To take advantage of 3D Vision you will need to buy a 120Hz PC monitor.

    Why is "120Hz" different for both HDTV and PC monitor? There are two seperate industry organizations that sets standard. The ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee formed in 1982) sets the specifications for televisions. Don't know who sets the standards for PC monitors.
  2. I think most PC monitors are de facto standards, outside of the DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort standards there's little governing PC monitors.
  3. "120Hz" TV's use interpolation; that is, they wait for two frames to come in, then create a third frame to be displayed between them, essentially doubling the amount of frames to 120/sec. Besides the fact these moniters are totally unsuitable for gaming (Massive Input Lag), they can NOT accept a 120Hz input signal, and thus, are not 3d capable.

    As far as I know, there are no 32-inch #D ready TV's on the market; I know sony has a 40 inch TV [The one I'm getting: The KDL-40HX800] though.
  4. I'll wait another year to play 3D Vision

    I know I like the idea of the technology, but there is a BIG gap

    22 inch monitors are a bit small, I don't know, I ALWAYS read there is NOTHING like playing a good game on a 32 inch monitor, and working with Windows, the Picture in Picture, DVR... I've used to all that now

    I can't accommodate to technology, technology needs to accommodate to me

    I can't start using 24 inch monitors, sell my 32 inch TV (for maybe 25% of the price I payed), and then start using 24 inch monitors just because 3D is a failure

    I think 3D is very good for big TVs, but for small TVs, where the distance from the monitor is not that big, maybe the 3D effect looses it's WOW factor.

    I want to buy a big 3D TV for my living room, and then play games over there, with 3D

    Now, in my room, I think ATI Eyefinity and three 32 inch monitors will definitively give me a WOW factor

    Sorry Nvidia
  5. It's not mostly the TV's fault, it's that HDMI 1.0 through 1.2, only support 1920x1080 at 60Hz, to support 1920x1080 at 120Hz you would need dual-link DVI, DisplayPort, or HDMI 1.4.
  6. So my Samsung what version of HDMI it has?

    I think 3D will start to grow this year, and I think it will be popular 2-3 years from now.

    You can't ask people to sell their TVs just because there's something 'new'

    I personally ABSOLUTELY HATE selling stuff, because a TV that you payed $1000, you can sell it, for around $300 (in this economy, it's pretty hard to sell stuff)

    2 years ago the economy in USA was better
    u bought a TV, u didn't liked it, so you sold it on amazon, ebay, craigslist...

    Now, with so many people without a job, EVERYBODY is selling stuff on the internet

    For example, you want to sell a motherboard on craigslist, you list it, and the next day, there are 20 other guys selling the same motherboard that you are selling

    you want to sell it for $200, they sell it for $50

    haha, people are really taking 'whatever they can take'

    So, I am buying a new 32 inch TV maybe next week

    I REALLY hope I can buy a 3D ready 32 inch TV, but in all honesty, I don't see that happening. I hope a new 3D ready TV will be ready by the end of the year, but as I said before, what will I do with my 2 other 32 inch TVs?

    For now, I will go with ATI and Eyefinity.
    I will enjoy playing on 3 monitors this summer, with the ATI Radeon 5870

    If 3D is insanely expensive and I have to wait 2-3 years to get it (I've been waiting to use Nvidia 3D Vision since October 2008), then there are other technologies (ATI Eyefinity), that definitively give that WOW factor and are more realistic.

    I can't stop using 32 inch monitors because there are not 32 inch TVs out there
  7. hello there-
    I bought the 40" 200hz samsung 8 series with 3d glasses etc. BUT as far as i can see in the manual i also only accepts up to 60hz?

    Im using it to edit 3d in premiere and even though i can use the tv-s built in effect and glasses it is with some shadow (3d crosstalk).

    so my questions are these.

    1. can i update cable and ge more than 60 hz into my tv? even though it says 60 in the manual?

    2. when my tv gets a 60hz 3d signal does it show me 120 or 200 hz ? i meean it will interpolate frames when viewing in 2d so mayb it does the same in 3d? Btw the way that this tv shows you the 3d - when you are using the built in 3d mechanism is either by scaling images from horizontal or vertical - does that not mean that im lookign half the quality in an HD image? I would believe that a 120 hz 3d system would simply output left eye @60 and right eye @60 making it 120 and i believe that is the way a 120 monitor will do it?

    3. If it does what is then causing the visible crosstalk?

    Any help is very very very much apreciatet.

    Best regards
  8. ^^^^

    1. No.

    2. 48Hz; 24Hz per eye.

    3. No idea.
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