EVGA 9800GTX+ Performance

I'm curious as to how well this card performs, because it seems like a steal at the price with the rebate:


How well would a card like this run BC2 on max settings on a 1680 x 1050 monitor? If it can't, what are some other options (preferably with DX11 and 1GB memory). I know I could probably look this up elsewhere, but most of the people talking about it have two of them set up on their mobo. Thanks for any help. I'm trying to build my own computer and I'm a real noob at this. The power supply isn't a problem, it's 750W.
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  1. That's not really a steal... Kind of expensive actually... The GTS 250 is almost exactly the same, and can be found cheaper and with more memory here
    Palit GTS 250 1GB

    A Radeon 4850/5750 are both roughly as fast as a 9800gtx+/GTS 250.
    Here's the cheaper Radeon 4850 1GB. About as fast with more memory for $10 less.

    If you want to get something awesome, a Radeon 5770 is faster than a 9800gtx+, has more memory, DX11, lower power consumption, and can be found for rougly $150.
    Sapphire Radeon 5770 1GB for $145
    The 5770 is more than powerful enough to get smooth frames maxed out DX11 at that res. And with its other features, it is a great buy over the 9800gtx+
  2. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130513

    here's the EVGA 250gts, priced about 20 bucks lower, it's honestly the exact same card exact same clocks too your looking for even cheaper, only difference is it's a 2 year warrenty instead of limited lifetime warrenty
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