HOW: From boot drive to cache drive?

Hello guys. I am currently using a crucial m4 60gb ssd as my boot drive and my 1tb barracuda as my storage and games drive.

Do you guys recommend that i use the 60gb ssd and set it as cache to my 1tb for better loading speeds and performance? I dont mind having slower boots. Not that slow as it has a cache drive. But will it have better loading times and faster game speeds than storing it all in the hdd only?

If yes, can someone teach me how to shift the os into the HDD without doing a complete installation? Just do a complete copy of my ssd into maybe a partition on my hdd and then clean the ssd and set it as cache?

I have a p8H77VLE motherboard. Is it possible to do a cache on it?

Thanks for your help guys
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  1. how much memory do you have in the system?
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