Is this board any good?

I'm on a £500 budget and i'm considering getting the MSI 870A-G54 it also supports AM3+.

I was wondering if this board is a good board and if i should get it?

Thanks, Calvin.
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  1. First it is NOT an AM3+ MOBO, it's the more current regular AM3 socket -> it seems is wrong.

    Currently, MSI only offers the AMD 990 & AMD 970 chipsets with AM3+ socket support.

    Otherwise, for your budget it's good :) The AMD 870 chipset supports (x16/x4) which means the Primary GPU is getting the full x16-lanes but a Second GPU gets x4-lanes of PCIe. So unless your plans are to install 2 expensive GPUs in CF {Crossfire} you're fine.
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