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Amd athlon II 620 running really hot

i believe that the the heat sync is still on right, i don't know what changed.

so here was the problem, the computer has been shutting down because of something.

i thought heat because he refuses to open windows in his room and hates anything cold. but all summer going into his room the computer had no problems, and i know that it got over 80 into the 90-100 range some days (that is in F)

his cpu is going over 70 (C for the computer parts) and this is after i had him open his window, and had him cool his room down.

the heatsync is stock, the computer case is, a cooler master glite 335 (i believe).

everything inside the computer is stock.

when i ran prime 95, it got to 81C before i exited the program.

i want to underclock it, so he has something that is stable but im un comfortable doing that.

the fan speed i believe is 3225rpm, for the cpu.

is there any detail im missing?

because this is outside my area i'm comfortable dealing with, because its someone else's computer, if i cant do something to it and its hardware, i'm going to buy the part and take it to the computer shop thats local. they will probably charge upwards 200$ to switch out the heatsync, this isn't something i want to do but if it has to be done i will.

so you know i built that computer, but im not willing to take it apart to the extent i would need to to put an after market heat sync on it.

so my main questions are, am i missing something, could something else be causing this, and what is the best air heat sync that i can get and have them put onto the motherboard in that case?

the motherboard is biostar ta785g3 ver. 6.0-6.2
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    if you take the fan off the heatsink, see if the heatsink is filled up with dirt and dust. That causes the problem you are describing.
  2. ok will do that, right now my little brother is asleep in the room and the computers in there, so cant do it now, will try when i get the chance.
  3. Stock heat sink comes with some fairly poor thermal material, and if it wasn't seated properly, the material will break up and give you poor contact surface.

    Get some AS5, mount the heat sink carefully, give it a week, your thermals should be down to half of that.
  4. It is indeed uncommon for an Athlon to go 81 degrees celcius. It's most likely heat dissipation issue, as the others said. It can also be both improperly mounted heat sink and too high of core voltages. Try the first option first, then undervolt if the heat isn't decreasing significantly.
  5. to re iterate, everything is stock. but im going to try the first method, as air blasting works nice for me, and its easy to do.

    if that doesnt work ill re apply that as5 stuff, i know what it is but whats its full name again, it was almost a year ago when i was thinking if i should use that and spend more or if stock was good enough.

    also, if it comes to that, how do i remove the current material?
  6. if no one ever touched it then usually manufacturers dont normally apply thermal paste but if it has been applied previously then that might also be a problem as the thermal conductivity of it tends to decrease with time and heres how to remove it:

    to apply it :

    read them patiently

    hope i helped
  7. ok i hit it with condensed air, and i ran prime 95, ant it took it almost 10 minutes to get close to 60c and seamed like it was hovering in the high 50's

    i cut prime 95, so its hovering around 32c right now, it will probably go lower, now here is my question, at 100% load across 4 cores, you think a game like half life 2 garys mod, would be able to push it that hard? because im thinking that if i can fix it for now, i can get someone better than me with computers to re apply the thermal paste, if it was my computer i would do it myself, but when i put it together, i had to use more force than i was comfortable with to attach the heat sync, and i really don't like the idea of doing that again.
  8. there are several videos in youtube on hoe to apply thermal paste, watch, repeat, and its all done!
  9. i think he solved his prob and no it dosent eeven push up my c2d to 100
  10. its solved to the point where he can use it without worry, but i will still need to do something more. this buys me time to decide if i just replace the thermal paste, or if i want to also upgrade his heat sync, because, his room does get way up there in summer because he hates the cold.
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