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So I just recently built a new PC, and I have both a SSD and an HDD hooked up. I installed Windows and some games onto the SSD with no issues at all. I have pretty much everything I want on the SSD already there, so I'd like to have programs install to the HDD from now on. I followed the guide at[1] , but when I try to run a program that's installed on the SSD, I get a "path not found" error. If I right click on the program and look at Properties, I see that the target is now set as "D:/whatever" instead of "C:/whatever", which is where it is installed. Simply changing that property gives me a chance to boot the program, but there is TONS of things that I'd have to change, and there has to be an actual solution. I've tried to Google solutions for the past couple days and I just can't figure out what I need to do. Thanks for any help.
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  1. From the article you listed... You actually can “relocate” the Programs Files and Program Files (x86); to a different location through a registry hack.. This is not a good idea as you just found out. Most installers will let you choose the folder to install the program too. Sometimes you need to select the custom install in order to choose the folder. This is your best option.
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