AMD X6 1055T with GTS 250 for CUDA/PhysX (Adobe Premiere CS5)

Hello. I currently have the GTX 470 and I see that when I enable the Mercury Playback Engine in Adobe Premiere CS5, it uses around 10%-%20% of the GPU.

So I thought a card with 96-128 cores should work great.

the GTS 250 seems like a good card with DX10 support, 128 cores, and I can buy it for less than $100.

Now, I have one question, has anybody tried that card for PhysX and CUDA?

What about games like Batman Arkham Asylum and Mafia?
Will the 128 cores from the GTS be enough?

Another idea will be to buy a ATI Radeon 5850 and use it with 3 monitors, and play with Eyefinity :)

and I could always use the GTS 250 for PhysX and CUDA.

I know the 257.15_desktop_win7_winvista_64bit_english_beta.exe driver has PhysX UNBLOCKED so that was a 'mistake' by Nvidia (or maybe they do want to unblock that in the future, and they were testing it)

I know that graphic cards change a lot, so I could use my GTS 250 whenever I need to sell my graphic card (maybe I need some cash), or when I want to sell my graphic card, and wait 1-2 months until the new generation of graphic cards arrive

Anyway, it's a great idea to have a spare graphic card

I also wanted to know if games like Napoleon Total War, Empire Total War, Medieval Total War II work with Eyefinity and 3 monitors.

The main reason I use my computer is Adobe Premiere CS5, so the MAIN thing I want is performance when using Adobe Premiere CS5

Thanks in advance
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  1. Hello
    Well,since you already have a GTX 470,then i wouldn't recommend downgrading to a 5850.
    As for GTS 250,well PhysX makes a difference in some titles(which aren't a lot), but it lowers the FPS noticeably(compared to when PhysX isn't used).
    So IMO keep your current GTX 470,if you sell it and get a GTS 250,you'll get a huge performance drop and there won't be any significant changes in graphic card's line up in 1-2 months,also if you want to wait for something new you can't ever buy anything because there are always new stuff around the corner.
    GTX 470 is a great gaming card and can handle all of those game fine, its also quite good for CS5,so keep it.
  2. Well I could buy the 5870 Radeon, and have the GTS 250 for CUDA in Adobe Premiere CS5

    I could also use it for PhysX with the unlocked driver from Nvidia

    Would u think that would be a better option?

    I currently have 2 32 inch monitors on my PC, and I might buy another one.
    I like the idea of Eyefinity, and since I already have 2 monitors side by side (I use it for Adobe Premiere CS5), I might as well try that technology
  3. May i ask,why do you want to sell your GTX 470 ? only because of Eyfinity ? if so then HD 5870/GTS 250 would be fine.
  4. To be honest with you I like the GTX 470, but at $350 I think it's a bit expensive, so I can still refund it.
    I know the new GTX 460 is only 200 and if you overclock it right maybe it's 90% the power of a GTX 470, and I save $150, so in terms of 'bang for the buck' it doesn't makes sense to keep it, especially since I can still return it

    I have 2 32-inch monitors on my desktop now, so I can buy another one and give Eyefinity a try.

    I really like having 2 monitors, I am not 100% sure if it even makes sense to have 3 32-inch monitors on my room, but hey, I might give it a try

    The other idea would be to have just 2 monitors since I don't have enough space to put 3 monitors aligned close to the wall

    My room will look like a 'forte', or like an airplane cabin with side windows.

    Right now I have one monitor close to the wall, and the other one is at 45 angle

    Any suggestions?

    I think it makes more sense just to have 2 monitors aligned, close to the wall, that would be great for every day tasks such as browsing the web.

    I could even play a video game, and on the left, keep an eye on my email.

    Anyway, I think I'm going to buy a 32 inch monitor next week (maybe this week), and ATI Radeon 5870 this week to, I can't say anything until give it a try :)
  5. I see,OK then give it a try, i hope you enjoy it
  6. I am playing Batman Arkham Asylum now, I want to see how PhysX works.

    I tried 3D vision, but honestly, there are no 3D monitors for 32 inches
    there are 22, 23, 24 inch monitors that are 3D ready

    and then there are 40-inch monitors that are 3D ready

    for some reasons the monitors between 25 and 32 don't have 3D.

    I thought 32-inch was a very popular size, maybe not
  7. I can tell you that, in regards solely to a dedicated PhysX gpu, you only need a GT 240. Even that is a little overkill, Batman AA is easily the most demanding game for PhysX I've played yet and my GT 240 usage topped out at around 50% I think. Maybe hit 70% or something at one time. It's almost never above 15% tho for every other PhysX game I've tried (Dark Void, Mirror's Edge, Metro 2033, Cryostasis...)
  8. Yeah but for Adobe Premiere CS5 I would rather have an extra 28 cores, just in case.

    I THINK Adobe Premiere will require a card with around 128 cores, at least that is what I read in an article that was exclusively designed for that.

    Overall, for the price $99, I think it's a good card, because it will work for PhysX, CUDA, and if I ever need to sell/return/refund/RMA my current graphic card, then I can do it and continue working
  9. Hello. I know what Nvidia released some drivers:


    that remove the ATI limitation.

    However, I'm unable to achieve this. I already tried with GT 240 and GTS 250 with no luck

    I can enable PhysX only when I chose the Nvidia display to be enabled as the main display

    When I extend my desktop

    ATI on Desktop 1
    Nvidia on Desktop 2

    The PhysX option is gone

    And one other thing, Adobe Premiere CS5 won't even run like this

    Does anybody has experience with ATI + PhysX?

    Is there a HOW TO guide?
    I downloaded the PhysX-mod-1.03.exe and it's detected as a virus by 20/41 viruses programs, so I'm not going to use that one :)

    Thanks in advance, I really like PhysX, Cuda, but I really like ATI too.

    The Nvidia GTX 460 was released 9 months after the ATI Radeon 5850 and 5830, both are similar cards, but Nvidia is always with these problems.

    I remember the GTS 295 came out in January and I was able to buy it around March.

    They ALWAYS have supply problems, and are really hot, and their ventilators are really annoying.

    Overall, I like the software part of Nvidia (PhysX, Cuda, 3D vision...) but the hardware part is terrible

    I've read that the GTX 460 supposedly is THE CARD, but I've checked Microcenter and Fry's for the last 3 weeks and it's not there

    Anyway, let me know if ATI + PhysX card is a possibility

    Thanks in advance

    My priorities are
    1) Mercury Engine with Adobe Premiere CS5
    2) Games with PhysX/Cuda
  10. Hello

    I bought the ATI Radeon 5830 + GTS 250
    I also bought the GT 240

    PhysX is not working, I have the 257.15 BETA drivers which supposedly allow ATI + PhysX

    If anybody can help me I'll appreciate it
  11. Those beta drivers never worked for me either. Just download their latest official drivers (259.97??) along with GenL V1.04ff and the latest PhysX, then install the drivers, install PhysX, patch with the GenL patch and reboot. Should work.
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