7200 rpm Seagate vs western digital "green" (1TB)

The title. I am building a PC for someone who isn't a gamer and will be using their computer for emailing/word processing/excel and internet browsing. The seagate will be faster than the green WD drive I presume, but I have heard bad things about their reliability.

Both are the same price ($80)

Which is more likely, the Seagate failing or my client becoming frustrated at the slowness of the WD green drive?
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  1. I just read a few shoot outs and reviews over at a few good places. The Seagate is fine. I have a 500gb external that is still chugging after 6 + years. Newegg reviews say that they are fine. You need to look at warranty and back up at this point. IMO. Nothing is forever, or guaranteed not to fail. Yes, one may be more reliable then the other. However to get the reliability you mention you need to step to Caviar black with a 5 year warranty. Obviously money is an issue, however you need to ask the buyer if their stuff is worth 50. bucks to insure? If so add a second hdd and tell Buyer to copy anything they want as a back up into that second hdd. Pics, receipts, whatever that is important. OR tell them that hdd's fail so you should have a folder of LOVE or Cannot lose and Burn it on a disc.
    After a few computers now, drives come and go. But the discs are here to stay.
    p.s I Just snapped a 3tb Seagate 7200 for 89.00 bucks. There are ones over there for 2tb for 69.00 bucks. And smaller ones which used to be ALL the doe, a few years back for 25.00 Cheap insurance for 5 years.
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