Best ssd for boot drive

As the name says what is the best ssd for boot drive for about 60-70 euro
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  1. 64GB samsung 830 or crucial m4 64GB.
  2. same as above but here in Spain crucial m4 128 is at 89€
  3. it is here for 95 and about 5 for i think i will go with the 64gb samsung 830 since i will only use it as a boot drive and some important stuff i dont intend to use it as a storage for movies and stuff i dont use frequently....thank you for your replies
  4. why i said i will only use it for windows and for apps i use the most....not for saving
  5. I'm using 57.2gb out of my 240gb(no system restore or page-file) for Windows and applications only, you can easily use up 64gb. Realistically, you're not spending that much more to double your capacity which is a worth while investment.

    Also, when you have such little space left, you're going to constantly be using the free space burning out the cells faster.
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