First new build in 6 years

I've dragged out the lifespan of my p4 system long enough, looking for some input on my proposed new system

MOBO: ASUS Crosshair IV Formula
CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T
RAM: G.SKILL Trident+ Turbulence II 8GB
UPS: APC BR1500LCD 1500VA 865 Watts (I work in Iraq so random power outages are something you learn to deal with)

all comments and suggestions are welcome
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  1. 1. What is the basic need for you PC? What do you want to do with it?
    2. What is your total budget?
    3. 8GB is too much. 6GB is fine.
    4. Stick to smaller drives. Better get two 1TB drives. >1TB and you run into reliability issues.
  2. building this as a new gaming system, as for my budget I'd like to keep it under $4000. As for the large amount of HD space I was looking to replace my externals and move all my movies / tv series / music onto my acutal system.
  3. ^ Well I would rather suggest the i7 9xx instead of the 1090T for gaming...
    And instead of spending the whole on a single PC, why not build a gaming PC and a small NAS for your music and stuffs ??
  4. $4000 would give you a nice build with a HD5970 CF.
    Keep the external drives external. Crashes may lead to loss of complete data! Which is heart breaking. Externals keep it free from PC related issues and would free from Viruses as well.

    Also i forgot to mention that the AX1200 with a $340 price tag is too much for a PSU. Stick to normal Corsair or Seasonic or Antec on this one.

    I also suggest an i7 build instead of the Thuban.
  5. And I would suggest an i5 build instead of an i7, but the i7 does give you full x16/x16 for GPUs if that matters to you and you can afford the triple channel RAM and expensive CPU/mobo in your budget so it would be up to you.

    i5 760
    Asus P7P55d E Pro
    Corsair 750W/850W
    HAF 922
    Samsung Spinpoint F3 1Tb
    4gb G Skill 1600mhz ECO RAM CL7
    Dark Knight/Scythe cooler

    I am not a big fan of two cards in one, so personally I would grab a 5870 instead of a 5970 with intention to XFire two of them. All the cards listed are powerful and even moreso when SLI/XFired so it really is all about personal preference with them. The GTX 460s in SLI will match a single GTX 480, but of course you can use 2 x 480 for more power. Though personally, due to the better design of the GTX 460s I prefer to use two of them rather than a GTX 480.

    Keep your info on the external HDDs, nothing worse than an HDD in system corrupting and you losing eerything (trust me!)

    Obviously if you decide to go i7 you just change the mobo to an X58 board which has USB/SATA III and x16/x16 XFire/SLI capability and the RAM you change to 6gb Triple Channel G Skill 1600mhz
  6. thanks for all the input, looks like I got a bit more research to do
  7. Have you considered customizing an Alienware have them put it together because for that kind of money I would want some type of waranty for the whole system.
  8. Interl Core I7 - Their turbo boost works a lot better than amd. (I'm not bias for intel, I have both platforms)

    nVidia GTX 480 - nVidia handles physics games a lot better for now.
  9. Am I bad for thinking the best use of $4000 would be spending about $1000-1200 on a nice system (1055, 955/65, i5-750) and about $500 in cool games and spend the rest on something else?
  10. ScrewySqrl said:
    Am I bad for thinking the best use of $4000 would be spending about $1000-1200 on a nice system (1055, 955/65, i5-750) and about $500 in cool games and spend the rest on something else?

    Honestly that's what i would do. It's your money and I'm not going to tell you how to spend it, but you could build (i think someone mentioned this) a gaming system then a smaller second system for music or what ever. Technology goes out of date FAST and that money could be spend in the future upgrading parts so that you don't end up relying on this system for 6 years. There's nothing wrong with that at all, but if you have the option to save the money and update 2-3 years from now I think that would benefit you more than spending all the money up front.
  11. I could never get myself to spend that much money on a computer but I've allways want to put something that did not have a budget.

    I would consider:
    3 way sli GTX 480 - they are about $500 each and lets face it they are king for now.
    1 SSD Hard drive to boot and another 3 in stripe raid for your games
    Inter Core I7 Extreme 6 core.
    8 GB memory.
    everything water cooled if you can get them since there are lots of post that the fermi core gets prety hot.
    I think with this set up it's still less than $4000.00

    Buwaaahahahaha..... This is crazy just thinking about it. Droool..
  12. the $4000 budget was includeding 22" monitor, keyboard, mouse, windows 7 and a UPS
  13. Here is the setup i've decided to go with.

    Shuttle SX58J3
    i7 980
    XFX 5870
    Corsair 6gb
    WD 1tb
    Asus 23.6" 1080p monitor
    Logitech G110 keyboard and G9x mouse
    Windows 7 ultimate

    $2909 on newegg with out the UPS
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