Switching out an I7 920 for an I7 980-x

I just ordered an I7 980x, couldn't wait for Sandy Bridge, as I need the extra power to see this project through.

My question though, is it possible to switch my current 920 for the 980x without having to do a fresh install of Win7?
Is there a risk that I might damage something other than the hardware?
And what needs to be done at the bios level, so that I don't mess things up.

Need to this mid-project, so a little concerned.

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  1. As said by Dipankar, you won't need to reinstall your OS.. Just check if you've the proper BIOS ver. installed for your motherboard to support the i7 980X.. Check with the motherboard manufacturer's website for info regarding that.. Update your BIOS with the proper ver. if necessary..
  2. As said, you won't need to reinstall Windows as it's the same chipset and and CPU architecture.
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