RAID 0 HDD Replacement

Hello, my configuration is below:

Area-51 7500 R4 purchased in January 2007
EVGA Nforce 680i SLI MB
D-core 2 Duo Extreme 2.66 G QX6700 8M processor
Running XP Pro

One of my HDDs in the RAID 0 setup went bad; can I take the opportunity to replace them both with SSDs? How can I move XP and my files from the remaining working HDD to the new drives? Thanks
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  1. Something mixed up here! Is it a raid0 (all data lost already) or is it a raid1 (connect the SSD and clone the HDD with acronis test version).
  2. If your configuration was RAID 0 then you can't restore the data.

    Seems like a good of time as any to replace your HDDs with SSDs, although I would upgrade your OS to Win 7 or 8 for better SSD support if you do.
  3. I had a failing RAID0 drive (non-OS of course) and am taking the opportunity to upgrade to a single SSD. That pair of 74GB Raptors has served me well over the years.
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