ATI 5770 help!

My final days.
Ive got my monney
ive got my card, ati 5770 (XFX)
Now ive asked you all before and you said it should be fine but one more time to me 100% sure.

I have a intel quad core 2.5ghz, 6gb of ram and a Nvidia gt220 right now.

I did a quick PSU test and i would draw around 350W on max draw, my psu is 350W... with my ati 5770. You all said that my PSU should be able to surivive. Well i hope you all be good with it. any help is greatly appreited

EDIT: i also need a program to remove all traces of my Nvidia drivers. After thats it is as simple as putting my card in and installing the drivers off my CD/Website?
I heard i may have to disable my onboard graphics card...
Ugh hope i dont have to get a new one PSU

EDIT EDIT :kaola: Another question. My PSU says futuretec, i think... Its from a dell computer so, yeah lol
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    Changes are that your Dell psu will run it since they are underrated.
  2. ok, so its all good? any other opionins?
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