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I'll be painting my computer case during the weekened, but is it safe to run my system caseless for a couple of days? As in it would be just laying on the table, assembled and operational. The only problem I can think of is the grounding issue.
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  1. You can but its a bit risky. You can probably put the PC parts on top of a thick towel maybe. But make sure you don't drop anything on it by accident.
  2. I would not recommend wood as it is quite a hard surface and the pins on the back of the motherboard may get damaged!
  3. kinda risky alright if you accidently touch the mobo and you are electro-statically charged well the mobo is gone so why not place it on a insulating electrostatic free rubber mat ive seen it done over at the hardware part of my office and the pins dont tend to get damaged but if i were you i wouldnt even use it during that time just wait for it to come back then use it
  4. Oh I do have a backup computer, whole three of them actually. I just need to run a couple of tests on this system while I'm working on the case. Well right now I have mobo lying on a stack of sheet paper which is placed on the wooden desk. Paper's not conductive at low voltages, so it's completely safe right? Oh wait, I guess I shouldn't be drinking my Pepsi right next to it.

    Anyway, here's how it looks right now:
  5. looks safe enough to me! lol how does it even stand? no screws?
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