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Noice from speakers... not able to play anything

Hi.., i have creative sbs a300 2.1 speakers.. suddenly today when i turned on the computer, irritating kind of noice coming out from speakers..not playing anything... just this noice all the time...

Need some help from you guys...please,,

sorry for bad english
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  1. Did you check the audio jack for loose contact?
  2. Aneesh@4GHz said:
    Did you check the audio jack for loose contact?

    Yes... i can't find anything wrong there..
  3. sound is coming from both the speakers...
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    Could be interfearence from some other electrical (or wireless) device.
  5. Check to make sure your output mixer has the Microphone mixer muted. There's an input channel called What U Hear which can cause whatever sounds or noises around or even just a fuzz or hiss to come through.
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  7. thanks all who replied...
  8. Can you describe the noise? High pitched? Or maybe the kind of noise you get when you unplg the speaker jack when the speakers are still on-kinda noise?
  9. Ahh, you closed it when I was typing.
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