Lil Red Box Mod (well, sort of)

This isn't really a mod as much as it is a facelift. I had an old TT Lanbox and nearly enough components left over from upgrades to throw together another box so I thought I would get a little creative and see what I could come up with...

It doesn't look bad but we've had it around the house for a while and it was time for a change... By the way, I took this on the road with me when I went to Michigan for work and did all of this in my hotel room or in the parking lot when it came to painting.

Really cheesy, noisy, power supply that came with a really cheesy, noisy case that I bought for a budget build for one of the kids... all stripped down and ready for sanding/painting.

I won't waste my money on the "hammered" finish paint again... Just paint on a humid day - same effect!

These are going on the inside, behind the new one-way mirrored side panels!

Oops...busted my fan, DOH!
Oops again... overspray. My roll-out truck bed wasn't the best place to work on this, lol. Had to do the best I could with what I had.

Painted all the fans to match the color scheme.
top off, lights on!

Hmm... can't seem to post any more pictures. Guess I need to make a second post?? lemme see.
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  1. Front and side view...

    From the back and a good shot of the mirrored sides...

    You can see the red glowing through the one-way mirror panels. My blackberry camera doesn't do it justice. I also changed out the blue led's to red in the front fan; didn't get a good pic of it, though.

    I also had these old, circa 1990? speakers laying around. When I pulled the cloth covers off, it revealed this neat expanded metal looking grid. I think they came out pretty nice! I want to find an old keyboard to paint to match as well.

  2. I took all the fans apart and painted the blades red and the frames with the turkey-turd-tan. I know this is just a stock AMD cooler and it will likely never be seen with the mirrored panels but I thought it was one of the coolest looking parts of the facelift. I had to wedge my blackberry in there and push the button just to get a pic of it...

    I also took apart the DVD drive and painted it to match.
  3. its always the small things.. nice case.
  4. Love it man, awesome attention to detail :)
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