E 7400 overheating

E7400 with stock cooler
G31 mb
2 * 1Gb ddr2
4550 512 mb without fan
500 gb hdd

normal size (i think atx or so but not mini one) casing with one 80cm fan blowing outward.

my cpu temp: idel 42-45 C
max load: 65-67 C (and my pc is really slowing down at this temp)
max graphic temp: 61-65 C
surronding temp: around 30 C

is this really normal or just my cpu overheating? and what should i do for this? (i can't afford a very good new cpu cooler)
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  1. i have not oc my cpu, bro

    so let me know, is this safe temp for cpu and gpu.
    and what the max tolerable temp for e7400

  2. You may consider putting in a fresh coat of TIM. Although its not too high your load temperatures are on the edge of what you can call overheating.
  3. yes, my other pc, i3 530 with oc to 3.3ghz with stock cooler stay below 60 with full load gaming for long time.
    so should i need additional casing fan or new thermal paste or what?
  4. Thermal paste would be the obvious starting point. Since you say that its an E7400, i would guess that you PC is more than a year old. So put on some and see if the temperatures drop.
  5. the safe temps for a gpu are quite high like 100 c but i wouldnt want to go so high
    as for a cpu is at the max 85-95 c so you are way off burning it out and at max perf the cpu is already over burdend (due to sumthing like a virus or un-nessery baackgrnd programs and a crappd registry) and if you use it then you can only expect it to run slow if you already have your hads full and get a couple more orders you can only finish them later same with the cpu
  6. in intel website, i read max temp is 70 C and my cpu sometimes reach about 71-72 during game play (WOW with high setting) and my gpu temp is also 70 C

    i have a new i3 system with 5670, both the cpu and gpu temp stays max 55 C while playing games like bf bc2, COD, n4s on high setting.

    both PC with stock cooler and stock speed, about the same casing, + my e7400 has one extra casing fan (1 blowing in and 1 blowing out)

    so does my e7400 has falut or what about this?
    any advice or c2d is higher temp than i3.
  7. what's means Tjcase and Tjmax
    i'm sorry for my dumpness
    let me know, ok?
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