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Diffrence between x16 and x8

hi guys

i m currently using an xfx 750i its an sli mobo

it has two x8 lanes (in sli mode)

so will i experience a high or low performance decrease

your support will be well apricated

P.S thinking to sli gtx 460 or else

just add another 8800gt
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  1. The PCI-E controller will only have so many lanes connecting to the devices. The maximum amount of lanes any one PCI-E peripheral can have is 16 (x16). A single graphics card is x16 capable and will take up the full 16 lanes for maximum bandwidth.

    Two graphics cards will have to share 16 lanes between them, hence x8,x8, despite the reduced bandwidth the processing power of 2 graphics cards improves performance.

    Two 460's in SLI would kick ass.
  2. for example a guy is having 60 FPS on some game in sli of gtx 460 on full x16 x16 lanes

    so how much will i get (x8 x8 lanes)
  3. Not as many as 60 because x8x8 allows less bandwidth than full x16x16 but tbh, only managing 60fps with SLI 480's... he must have seriously high res or a huge bottleneck somewhere...
  4. the x8 links will not decrease performance that much, 2 x 5870's in x8/x8 link loses about 4% of the performance of x16/x16. The only cards to be affected greatly are the dual gpu cards (as each gpu is only getting x8/x8 in one x16 slot so x8 would become x4/x4)
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  6. seems like i dont need to worry then
    there will be a small difference although if u r getting 50 fps on x16 x16 lanes
    u will get 48 or maybe 45
    there is not much detectable difference between 48 and 50
    thnx for the support
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  8. Yeah glad to help.

    I had a little convo in another thread about it. Looks like it really depends on the GPU. Some midrange ones you won't see any difference. The only reason the 5870 is 4% faster on a 16x lane is that it's total output is just 4% more than an 8x lane can deal with. Possibly a 5970 would see closer to, oh, 10 or 15% drop in performance. But then going the other way, a 5770 might not see any change.
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