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Hi All,

I need a Power Supply to run my new DIY server.

Server will run up to 15 SATA drives, and a couple of PCI cards for SATA controllers. Everything else will be on-board (Graphics / NIC / etc). Won't be a monster in terms of CPU, but something relatively current.

Living in a small flat, I'd prefer a very quiet PSU. So far, I've found a few that look great:
Antec True Power Series,
Cooler Master Silent Pro Series,
Seasonic M12D, &
Corsair AX850

Will 750W be enough? Are any of these PSUs better / worse than each other?

Thanks in advance for any advice!
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  1. Since its a server, and may run for long hours i would recommend the Gold certified Corsair AX850.
  2. the cooler master silent pro series is good really silent and 750 is good if you want to go even quieter ive heard of a fanless PSU
  3. Thanks for the responses so far! I'm liking the Corsair option - I see it's an editor's choice on SPCR. Like the Cooler Master too - a little cheaper, but still recommended by SPCR.

    @ dipankar2007ind - Is 750W overkill? With 15 SATA drives? Is 700, or 650 enough... or less?

    @ hell_storm2004 - Yes, it's going to be on 24/7. Is Corsair more reliable than the others?

    @ Vada - Fanless? Would that be able to keep things cool enough with many drives?

    Thanks again!
  4. yes but its still cooncept not releasd and yes 750w is over kill even with that many drives just make sure that all the drives have the power connectors in the psu but i wouldnt decrese the wattage in case i want to upgrade and yes again crosair is more lasting and reliable
  5. Corsair, Seasonic and Antec. They are the top line of PSU manufactures. You can call them an Elite class of PSU making. New to the picture is XFX. There are some Seasonic PSU's which are Gold certified as well in the 750W-800W, which you may consider.
  6. Ok, now I'm a little concerned about the 750W! Just reading that PSUs perform badly when under less than 30% load.. and with only mother board, CPU & 4 drives, I'll be well under that.

    I'm starting out with 4-5 drives, and increasing to (max) 15 as storage requirements change. I'll never put a separate graphics card in there, won't be overclocking. This will be purely a headlesss linux server.

    Is there going to be a problem running a PS at such low load?
    (sorry to be such a noob - haven't built a PC in years, and never anything like this!).
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    To know how much you need use this:
  8. Ok, thanks! With fans, etc, it's not quite as bad as I thought. Probably push around 610W at max, so 750 leaves a little headroom.

    Think I'll spend the extra and get the Corsair.

    Thanks all for your help.

    Will be back when I need to decide on Mobo/CPU & SATA stuff! ;)
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