Will these drives work in a simple 2 drive RAID 0 stripe

Hey Tom's, last year I bought this drive and I have loved it but 90 Gigs these days is just not a lot of space and I am getting a little clostrophobic so to speak. 180 gigs will be more than enouch since I keep a 500 GB data dump for pictures, music movies etc. but I want my OS and games to all be on the SSDs for obvious reasons. If I buy a new drive of the exact same company, product line and size am I likely to run into problems with firm ware, different versions etc. since it has been a years time? I can set up a RAID 0 stripe just fine but I want some input since I have not owned a RAIDed computer before. I'd just rather not drop 90 bucks on a drive that will give me more head aches. Any input is appreciated.

p.s. pertinent system specs are listed:
Legit Windows 7 enterprise
ASRock Main Board
Intel i5 2500K
and the above mentioned drive
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    It will work - It doesn't have to be exactly the same model, but should be the same size(or close). The other thing about raid 0 is that it increases the chance for data loss because if you loose 1 of the drives, the data on both drives is lost. I would suggest getting a new larger SSD, and possibly moving some things to it rather than setting up a raid. If you do set up a raid, you will have to format the drive, so you'll have to reinstall the OS.
  2. Ordinarily I would buy a larger SSD but since I already have the 90 GB as of last year rather pay for 90 and go to 180 than pay for a new 120 or 180 by itself. I do have my data backed up and a half tera data dump and on an external drive so I am not worried about the data loss. Is the second drive just going to be a headache though? Having never used RAID I want to know if it will be a headache to maintain. If data loss is the only risk I am not worried, if RAID is just to many extra "links in the chain" I'll skip it and just get the bigger drive.
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