Geforce 9600 GT Low Profile

i have a pavilion slimline s5212y with an Intel G33/G31 integrated graphics card
which is not the best
would a galaxy geforce 9600 GT low profile be much of an upgrade to it
or is there another low profile card out there that is?
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  1. Descrete graphics cards almost always beat IGP's so yes.
  2. they are hard to find but if you can find them then yes its a great upgrade. there is a 9800gt low profile out there aswell but i dont think theres much difference between the 2. what power supply do you have?
  3. i am getting a 300w power supply when i get the card
    so i dont think power will be much of an issue
    good to know most cards are better than IGP's haha
  4. Right now all cards are better than IGP's (save for the G320M IGP in the macbook).
  5. i was noticing that the 9800 low profile needs the extra power
    the 6 hole thing
    does this power supply have that
  6. well i guess i will go with the 9600 then
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