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Hi All,

Was looking to purchase one of these new Lian Li PC-9F cases, but I was wondering what the noise levels are like.

I have always had Antec cases before, so never experienced the Aluminium cases, but have heard that the noise increases due to the thinner walls.

Is it a noticeable change?

Does anyone have one of these cases that can offer an opinion?


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  1. That does have a lot of fans in it I must say.
    So you have to have a sound level with a hummmm but it's not going to be that audible if you have a big room :)
    But surely, if it's lying next to you, it's going to be one loud case......
  2. Cheers for that. I just bought one. Will set it up and report on it soon.
  3. Noise depends on the type of fan(s) employed also.. Some cheaper cases with just a single 120mm fan might make more noise compared to a HAF-X (for example).. Having said that, I personaly own two Lian-Li's and I find them very quiet.. Not as quite as my previous Antec P180 or my very latest Silverstone RV02 but the sound is never obtrusive..
  4. just moved into a silver x900 at the end of august and love the change from a cheap old antec. had 80mm fans in that and the change to the larger fans was huge by itself. i actually don't hear my case at all and often look down through the window to make sure the fans are spinning. I worry something isn't working because i don't hear it and i don't want the case to over heat! i wonder when i'll just realize it's that quiet and quit looking?
  5. Finished setting up the case. Loving the fact that Lian Li has gone away from all the Blue Leds. Case looks complete and not tacky. Front fans are 120mm, so they spin at low revs.
    All in all the case is actually running quieter than the sonata 3 it replaced. I am guessing its because the system is running alot cooler. Plus I have decided to use an SSD as well as Caviar Black hard drive instead of the seagates in the prvious setup.
    Love also that the hard drive bacys are installed sideways. So easy to switch out or add more drives in future.
    Only gripe I have is that I wish one of the 5.25" bays had an actual cover on it, so it hid the dvdrw behind the aluminium cover. I have a Pioneer 218 installed, and even though its black, it still doesnt look the part next to the smooth aluminium finish.
  6. A pic of the rig would be great...... :)
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