Can't boot my computer from Samsung 840Pro SSD

Hello guys,

I am having a huge problem here. I have just bought samsung 840 pro SSD and installed windows 7 to it. Windows and pc was working fine and didnt had any problem. I used a Sata 2.0 cable to run my ssd. I didnt have a sata 6gb cable at the time so I ordered one. As soon as I received it, I switched the sata cable that was connected to my ssd, with this new 6gb sata cable. Now here is the problem. After I changed the cables, I cant boot my pc anymore. Everytime I turn on my pc, it says "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key". I have checked the bios and set the first prior boot device as my SSD, nothing changed. Pressed F11 to select the boot device, nothing happened. Check all possible ways from bios and the cables, nothing changed at all. Bios is reading and showing the SSD and seems like there isn't any problem with that part. I have unplugged the power cable from my pc, waited 5 min or so, for motherboard to reset it self (did the 5 second pushing power button while the power cable unplugged thing as well) but nothing changed at all. I am still getting the same message "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key". Can someone please help me with this issue. It is getting really frustrated. Btw, my bios is UEFI.

Thank you,
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  1. Just a couple og things come to mind to check and maybe you have already checked but AI don't see where you have stated that you did.
    The sata 3 mode is in AHCI ? Was that ever hanged at any time ?
    The SSD wants to be connected to the first sata 3 port that is controlled by the Intel chip set.
  2. It is connected to the first sata 3 port. I have changed IDE to AHCI as well but it didn't fix it either.
  3. I have a similar problem. I can't boot from my 840 Pro either. I have 6 SATA 2.0 ports and 2 SATA 3.0 ports. Currently I am plugged into one of the SATA 3.0 ports, naturally. I don't know if I am plugged into the "first" SATA 3.0 port though -- will have to check.

    I believe I tried both IDE and ACHI mode for the SSD. I will try again to be sure and if something changes I will post back.

    I can boot from the SSD however if I keep the Windows 8 boot CD in the DVD drive. After sometime, the screen will take me to a "Select Boot Partition" screen where I will select Windows 8 and then it will boot from the SSD.

    I still have the old Windows 7 boot disk in the machine (but not on the first SATA 2.0 port), so I can't figure out why it is even giving me a Windows 7 boot option.
  4. Did you try using the old cable?
  5. the issue with the windows 7 boot sector and the issues with the SSD not booting, there is a clue here as to what is going wrong as well.
  6. why are you adding to a 6 month old thread? And really nothing useful either....
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