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What performance gain would i get from going from a 4870 to a 5830? AMD Phenom II x4 955, Gigabyte 890FXa-UD5, gskill 2*2GB DDR3 1600.
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  1. ~15% boost in performance, if you throw in a second 4870 in crossfire you would get about a 70-80% boost.
  2. Not a ton, except for some DX11 games as you might get better multi threading. For that price point, you should look at a GTX460. Otherwise go a level up to 5850.

    EDIT: Or CF like hunter said.
  3. i was thinking of crossfiring 2 5830's im not a hardcore gamer i would like dx 11 and would 2 4870s run on a 650w corsair power supply?
  4. Yes 2 4870s should run on that, it's a good PSU (650TX I'm assuming).

    2 5830s would be a good set up. However if going for 2 cards, then I really, really recommend the GTX460 1GB model ($230). In all the reviews I've read, SLI with them can at times match CF 5870s. How? I don't know, but Nvidia pulled a diamond out of their ass with this one.
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