SSD: which of these 3?

OCZ 60GB $109 AR

OCZ 30GB $80 AR

Kingston 64GB $94 AR

The Kingston is obviously the best deal, but I've heard the OCZs are better? This is for a Windows 7 and gaming boot drive. (i7 CPU, 5870 GPU system.)
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  1. The Kingston one is slower but has the best dollar-gigabyte ratio. The other thing you need to look out for is if the SSD's support TRIM, you should always get one that supports this.
  2. Im gonna have a Spinpoint F3 1TB as well, so I only need space for the program files. Is 30GB reasonably large enough? Is the Kingston noticeably slower?

    (My current PC is a 5YO Dell with a pentium 2.8 single-core CPU, 2GB RAM and a 160GB HDD, so any SSD will seem pretty darn fast.)
  3. The 60gb OCZ looks faster than the rest, I say snag that.
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    Compared to a typical HDD, those three are very fast and good, you'll be very pleased. In all honesty, i'd go with the Kingston. Its faster than the 30GB OCZ one and only a bit slower than the 60GB one, plus it is the best dollar-gigabyte ratio and has TRIM. Also, the larger 64GB size means you can put on a few other programs on it that you may want to boot or load quickly.
  5. Thanks Griff. BA for you!
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  7. oh, just saw this:
    corsair 40GB

    smaller, $1 more AR, better speed. this or kingston?
  8. Its quicker than the Kingston and its based off a Sandforce controller which is why you have those awesome speeds. If you feel you can take the capacity hit then go for it. Sorry for the late reply if you've already gone ahead with a choice. Thanks for BA.
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