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Hi everyone,
I am looking to buy a new psu as part of my recent upgrade and although I know I should stick to the reliable brands such as Antec and Corsair I cant seem to find one that has everything I want within my budget.

I have a Thermaltake xaser 9000 (the mid tower model), and have been looking for an L.E.D. PSU which is pretty reliable..sad I know,but I do like a bit of bling to see through the window of my case :)

Most of the reviews ive read on L.E.D. PSU's eg:- Thermaltake, Coolermaster etc are not very favourable. Then after a lot of searching I came across the Kingwin Mach 1 Series.
Ok, I know they dont hit the 80 plus mark but the reviews ive read are pretty promising.

Has anyone out there had any experience on these PSU's?

The 520W should be enough for what I need but I may go for the 800w to be a bit more future proof.

Any comments would be most welcome

Thanks in advance
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