Need Help Picking Out SSD(s)

When shopping for SSDs what are some of the specifications to look out for? I see some say MLC and some TLC and some SLC. Which is better? Does it matter which one I get. I notice most SSDs are MLC. I'm guessing I want SATA III. I'd like to get at least a 240GB size drive. Should I get one or should I get two and RAID them together or whatever? My understanding is that I lose some of the capacity when they are set up for RAID? Is that correct?

Currently looking at an Intel SSD. It seems like a good price. Is it a good drive?

Thanks for any help! :)
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    It depends - what motherboard do you have? Can it support SATA III? If not, a SATA II drive is cheaper.

    Get just the one - the larger an ssd is, up to about half a terabyte, the faster it'll be.

    That is a good price, yes, and a decent drive. The order of preference based on reliability and speed:

    Samsung 840 pro
    Samsung 830
    OCZ Vertex 4
    Intel 520
    Samsung 840 non-pro
    Crucial M4
    Intel 300 series
    OCZ Agility 4
    Mushkin Advanced Chronos

    Generally you want to stay away from other drives, due to reliability problems.
  2. This is for a new system I am putting together. I don't have a motherboard picked out yet.

    EDIT: Went ahead and purchased the Intel 330 SSD. I went on SSD Tracker and it was rated as one of the better deals out there (and it was rated as a good deal when the price was actually 159.00, now it's 139.00, so it must be an ever better deal I would think)
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