[Nvidia] Dieing 9800GTX+

Over the past month a few things have happened in and out of game. It started with Blur, after a little while of playing it would pause then CTD and say my driver crashed and it successfully recovered. Annoying but not terrible. Then in Battlefield Bad Company 2 it would artifact and crash, or CTD and recover from driver, or the game would freeze but other apps would run(such as skype, thats how I knew it worked) but couldn't alt-tab are ctrlaltdelete. Now it's happening in Starcraft 2, I either get a freeze, artifact crash, or the CTD with driver recover. I am using Riva Tuner to keep my fan above 70% and the temps say they don't go higher then 70 during game. Also I took out my 3d card and canned air'd it. I also updated drivers to 257.21 windows 7 64bit. But still it happens.

Two things I have noticed though. I only started to use Riva recently, and I did notice before that sometimes those crashes I would feel the backside vent and it would be scorching hot. Also my computer doesn't seem to like installing the nvidia drivers, sometimes after a crash the driver would disappear, using default windows video drivers, and it would take a couple restarts and installs for it to catch. Have I solved the temp problem but not the drivers? Oh my computer is 2 years old btw~ Thanks~~

Small update: I tried using an older driver that I remember working but I have the same problem. Also using ATI Tool artifact tester, I get errors within 10 seconds, but they don't crash the computer just a slow down and then the drivers crash. And all games are crashing within getting to the menu screen. Anyone know a good Vram tester, tried to google but didn't find anything awesome.

Temps:(in Centigrade)
CPU: 30 min ~ 50 max (idle maybe games too not sure)
(without Riva): 65 degrees Idle - 80+ gaming
(with Riva): 50 Idle - 65/70 gaming

System Specs:
CPU: Intel Core Duo E8500 @ 3.16GHz
Mem: Corsair CM2X2048 x2
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce9800 GTX+ (I forget who made it though)
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  1. For now I'd say try taking the GPU out, and unscrew the heatsink cover. Take it right off, and then clean the heatsink. There might be a pretty solid dust build up.

    If it's drivers, uninstall them then run Driver Sweeper from guru3d and delete all video drivers. Reboot and reinstall.
  2. ^
    Try as wolfram said above...

    What is your PSU? brand? model?
  3. I have the best solution of all! Burn the damn card! MUahhahaha.

    no but in all seriousness, actually bake it! I was running 2 8800GTs in SLI and one of them started artifacting and eventually it died on me, I removed the card, looked it over thoroughly to find that none of the transistors were blown. Then I removed all the heatsinks and memory coolers (basically everything I could) and baked it in the oven for 10mins at 200'C

    What this does is that it briefly melts all the soldering which fixes micro-cracks. After replacing all the heatsinks, I popped it into my mobo and voilà, it worked!

    heres a pic of how I prepped it for the baking

    also, youtube it. btw, I baked my other working GPU as well to see if anything would happen, and it works fine even after the bake. however, if you do attempt this, do it at your own risk (although theres not much if your GPU doesn't really work)
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