WEI Score stuck at 5.9.

My WEI Score has been stuck at 5.9 even through upgrades, whats the cause of this? Its not a big deal, the only reason I think its buggy is because EVERYTHING has a score of 5.9, doesn't seem right. When I went from stock to 3.8Ghz on the CPU it stayed at 5.9 as well.

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  1. If everything has a WEI score of 5.9 its just windows being stupid. WEI is probably the worst benchmark program ever, i would bet on it just being WEI being buggy. Did the performance in real programs improve with your upgrades? if so then dont worry about it.
  2. Yeah I know that, and yes performanced increase, my WEI has been at 5.9 for over a year so its not something that worries me, just something I'm anal about.
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    I believe vista just wont register anything above 5.9. I am pretty sure they raised the cap in Win7; you will have to upgrade the OS to get the rating to increase.
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    vista has a lower max score then 7
  5. Well that makes sense. Haha. Damn, I have a copy of Windows 7, and yeah I know 7 is better then Vista, but I've Vista since day one and never had a problem with it... ever. Not like most people so I don't mind sticking it with. Two things really irk me about Windows 7, and like I said.. I'm anal.
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