Buying a NAS... Black friday, cyber monday ???

Hi guys, as the title says, Im in the market for a NAS. Ive almost made my mind up and will be getting a Synolgy DS212J (Im still open to suggestions) that Ill be using at home, mainly for media streaming and data backup.
The thing is Im limited to certain amount of money and must make the most of it and Im not sure when is the best time to buy since e-tailers have come up with any amount of sale gimmicks:

- Black Friday
- Cyber Black Friday
- Black Thursday
- Cyber Monday

I was wondering, by experience which day is more probable to get a better deal on a NAS (or electronics FWIW), if I should go ahead and buy on Friday or wait until Monday.
Thanks in advance
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  1. For a low volume prebuilt unit I doubt there will be much difference.
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