CPU Fan is Very Loud

Hello there i have the AMD PHENOM 2 X4 955 CPU and the stock heatsink and fan but the problem is it get goes so crazy i start my computer and it works fine nice and quite but after an hour or its so loud i can hear it over my headphones it has good ventilation and cooling but its very loud the cpu has never been overclocked and never will be i checked

ASRock OC Tuner
as my Motherboard is a Asrock M3N78D

Here is a picture of the fan speed and Temp


If the stockheatsink is rubbish can someone reccomend me a new AM3 one from ebay also the heatsink and fan are fitted correctly i installed it mysely

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  1. 6.5k revs wow hehe :P
    is the hs seated correctly with the right amount of thermal paste?
    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-CM-HYPER-212-PLUS-1366-1156-775-AM2-AM3-CPU-COOLER-/110561907617?pt=Computing_ComputerComponents_Fans_Heatsinks_SR&hash=item19be00d3a1 is a decent cooler for a decent price, not sure what case you have but the 212 will fit in most alright,
  2. The Hyper 212 is a very good unit but if you can fit it try the coolermaster hyper N520 which is a 2 fan setup or even the Ultra U12-40657 Carbon X2 or the carbon x3 i have installed each of these on a couple of client builds and is a very good setup.
  3. Thanks everyone i removed my heatsink to check that how much of the thermal grease was there and too my horror it was practily bone dry what happended to the thermal grease that was preapplied to the heatsink when i bought it less then 2 weeks then i remembered. that my friend gave me 2 of his cheap thermal grease packets we were using to try and repair an xbox 360 console so i cleaned the heatsink and cpu carefully with toilet paper untill it was shiny then applied both packets of thermal grease untill it was fully covered and smeared evenly.

    now when i start my computer it is much quiter and the fan speed does not go 6.6RPM it stays at around 4.6RPM with CPU temp at 44C and Motherboard at 39C which i think is much better and safer none the less
    Thanks everyone for your help i think my problem is solved now Screw AMD for telling me i didnt need Heatsink grease i will always apply new heatsink grease to my future builds regardless if it doesnt require it

  4. Glad you fixed that. Next time put just a little thermal paste, a very very thin layer. Too much isn't good.
  5. Thats cool You've sorted it, :)
    as a side note, my chip is clocked at 3.5Ghz from 2.9 on stock cooler with pre-app paste, no issues whatsoever, I think your problem came from too much of the stuff you put on afterwards, your chip was probably cooking it hehe :P
    but theres nothing wrong with cleaning stock paste off and putting some named brand on in future, especially if your going to overclock.
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