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I just got a new MSI gaming laptop. I also purchased a new ssd and replaced my hdd with it. I got a blue screen later and am not sure what the problem is. Is thier a program I can get to test if my hardware is faulty, check to see if drivers are ok, and make sure bios are fine and any other things I should check please let me know of.
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  1. Well what happens if you turn it on? Is there no MSI screen were it says press delete for BIOS. If so put in a boot CD(windows, linus whatever) and see if your SSD works. If not your screwed.
  2. how does putting in a boot cd see if my ssd is fine? because yes I can see the msi sceen and the compuyter does turnb on but after a while it just restarts by its self
  3. First of all is your SSD empty? If it is your system can't turn on since it's good nothing to boot from. In that case install windows or whatever you'll be using.

    well there are many ways to check if your ssd is fine. You can go to BIOS and then hard drives. You can also put in a linux CD where you can go to my computer and then see if it lists your drive. Then with a windows boot CD press install and see if it lists your drive when it asks you where to install. ANd bassically with every boot CD there is a way to check your SSD.

    If it doesn't list your ssd I reccomend putting in your HDD again and trying if that works if it does try connecting your SSD externally with an adapter and see if it pops up in windows.
  4. No, it has windows 7 on it. I have been running it for a few days then it started these problems where my computer is hotter, now it is running a lot slower and I just put my old hdd back in instead and it actually seems to be better at least for now haven't done much but it is idleing at 20C less then my ssd was. The ssd is brand new so i dont know if i put it in wrong or am supposed to install something else but the ssd might be the problem.
  5. strange an ssd shouldn't get so hot. What I would do is get an external adapter and plug in your ssd like that. Transfer some files and put your hand on it to see if it get's unnussually hot. let's say more than 40-50 degrees. If that's the case I'd contact the manufacturer.
  6. what programs could I use to see the temp of my ssd because I use speccy now and I don't know actual temp I just know it it near my cpu and it makes that 20C hotter and where and what exactly is an external plug?
  7. something like this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16812197004&cm_re=sata_usb_adapter-_-12-197-004-_-Product so yu can use your SSD outside of your laptop. Because when it's inside it's hard to tell wether the SSD is really causing the heat issues. And I'd test the temps with your hand or a thermometer if you have one lying around.
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