Blu Ray Movie Playing Software.

I purchased an OEM Blu Ray Disc drive and I know you need software to be able to play movies. Which software is the best one to buy?

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  1. There are two best options IMO, Corel Win DVD 11 or CyberLink PowerDVD 12. I use both on different machines and find them about equal, so I would buy whichever has a better sale.
  2. Personally, I rip the blu-ray's using MakeMKV, so I can use Media Player Classic with frame interpolation.

    It's free, but it may take around 2 hours or more to rip the movie, and the file size may be upwards of 30GB.
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    CyberLink PowerDVD 12 is on sale at Newegg today after rebate for 19.95. Regular price is 99.95.
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