Intel Core 2 Quad-Core vs i3 550

Hi all, I have a choice between 2 PCs.
Both have exact same spec and are the same price, only difference between them is the processor:
1. Intel Core 2 Quad-Core Q8300 Processor (2.50GHz, 4MB cache, 1333MHz FSB)
2. Intel Core i3 Processor 550 (3.20GHz, 4MB)

I've looked at a benchmark here using the closest spec in the dropdowns(differences: Q8200, 2.33Ghz instead of Q8300, 2.50GHz, and i3 540 3.06GHz 512Kb instead of 550 3.20GHz 4MB).
Going by this it looks like the i3 does better overall, but also noticed that the Quad-Core does worse on some of the tests. I'm not a hardware geek so I don't really know what's being measured for most of those tests!

I'd be interested to hear which processor you would go with and why.

Or if you know another site that can give a benchmark of the exact specs I want to compare, that would also be great.
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  1. I would go with the i3. While the C2Q has 4 cores the i3 has 2 physical cores and 2 logical (hyper threading). The extra clock speed on the i3 is a big difference. That is why in some of the test the C2Q wins. The i3 has a much higher clock speed and more efficient architecture and is much newer.

    Hope that helps a bit, would go with the i3 hands down. I hear they are great over clockers as well.
  2. Thanks for the reply Zark, and for pointing out the difference between the two. Will go with the i3 :)
  3. they cant be the same systems.. they require different motherboards.
    because they have different sockets.

    the 775 platform is getting dated so I'd go with the i3, you can always drop in a i5 or overclock the i3 quite abit.
  4. Intel Core i3 is Dual Core but it can handle 4 threads because it has HyperThreading Technology ! Anyway i suggest u i3 , because with that way u will go for H55 Mobo which is new too .
  5. Why dont u Get i5 750 or 760 ? which is much higher than EVEN Q9650 ? & beats all AMD CPUs ? & much cheaper than i7s & have almost same Performance ?

    all u need to do is wait & collect more $ & dont LOSE that ANGLE . it has better technology to run games Greater !
  6. i5 700 Series already has 4 Cores & can DO much more than NAtrual Quad Cores ! even much more than AMD Hegza Cores ( 6 Cores ) ! Games run great on 4CORES , no 6 cores & no 2 Cores .
  7. Give detailed specs of both the systems along with the pricing.. Also mention your primary usage with the pc..
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