Comments plz! first time building up a pc... :]


Just a quick run here, I know what I want et al but was wondering if something may be out of place. Do comment.

CPU: Intel i5 760
RAM: Ripjaws 12800 2x2gb CL7 1600mhz
PSU: Corsair 850TX
MOBO: Asus P7P55D
GPU: Asus 5850 DirectCU
HDD: Samsung F3 750gb
ODD: Samsung 24X DVD-RW
Casing: Thermaltake Element G

My main concern is the cpu and the mobo. Would they work well with the 5850 directcu with oc in mind?
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  1. I think 850 watts is just a little overkill for that system. I'm using a 550 watt Seasonic with a Q6600 (@3.2GHz), two 640 GB drives in a RAID 0, two optical drives and a GTX 260 (core 216). Plus a few fans and case lights. I would bet 650 watts should be enough.

    EDIT: I for to add- I run this at 100% CPU usage 24/7. (I do crunching for World Community Grid)
  2. Swap the 750GB HDD for the Samsung F3 1TB, the 500GB and 1TB versions have 500GB platters so they are faster.

    The 760, P7P55D and 5850 will work well together, but i would change it for the P7P55D Evo which supports 8x/8x crossfire rather than your current one that would make you use 16/4.

    For two 5850s you wont need an 850W unit, a 750W unit will provide plenty of power for it and you can get this 750W unit from XFX for only $110 after promo code and its modular to help reduce clutter.

    If you dont plan to crossfire in the future your current board will do fine, and you can save quite a bit by picking up this 620W from seasonic for only $70 before shipping which is better than most 500W units and its a good quality unit
  3. yea, that's what i thought. hehe. but more pwr aint bad no? the thing is i bought a combo deal for the rams and the psu. hehe. was going for a seasonic x650 but due to price diff. settled for the corsair.

    hm..ill look into the hdd then. but the 500gb one i believe only has 6mb cache, thats why im thinking of getting the 12mb cache 750gb.
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