What programs should I install on my SSD?

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a 120 GB mSata ssd for my laptop. I installed Win 7 on it and used my HDD for storage and other programs.

The programs that I have installed on my ssd so far are:

I directed my libraries from the ssd to the hdd.

Should I move skype over to my ssd?
I also want to install 7 zip. Should this go on my ssd or hdd?
I also plan on installing VirtualBox. Should this also be installed on the ssd or hdd? If the ssd, should the VMs be stored on the hdd?

I only have 80 GB of space left on my ssd.

In your opinion, what types of programs should and should not be installed on a ssd?

Thank you.
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  1. I would install as much as possable on the hard drive and leave the SSD alone because there will be Windows updates and drivers and things that will have to go on the SSD because it's the OS drive. Your programs will be just as good coming from the secondary hard drive because the OS is on the SSD and that will provide the performance increase. To have a lot of programs on the SSD it should have been a bigger drive , the 256 gb would have provided enough room for all your progframs and some games as well. However you didn't get the 356gb so you have to make do with what you have. You can put a program or two depending on the size and it should be your most used and important programs.
  2. man i have a 120 and its works great i put os and some other programs on it, some games to! i still have over 61+ gigs left... just pick what you use most... ( dot put pictures and movies on it.... ) dont defrag it, if you don't know this already! just saying
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