Microphone problem only with counter-strike

Hi, Recently I wanted to start playing a childhood game that I love alot. The problem here is that my microphone wont pick up only in this game, Iv had this microphone for like a year now and its worked fine in ventrilo, skype, starcraft 2, and it even works in the steam voice chat. I'v tried re installing cs, enabling_voice 1. Basically everything in the book. Does anyone else have this problem? when I go to test microphone the little frequency bars wont even budge which is making me think its not picking up.

Im wondering if its because im using the microphone on a webcam and not a actual headset some feedback would be excellent. thanks
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  1. is it a usb webcam? it may be looking for one plugged into your mic input jack.
    vs one on a seperate device like the usb cam.
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