Which Asus RoG board to get?

Im looking at building a small form mATX gaming PC, looking at what motherboard to get and i am think i can get an ASUS rampage 2 gene for £90 with an 1136. Would this be my best option or are the newer models like the maximus 4 gene-z really worth the extra cash?
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  1. It really depends on what your doing with the computer in general..usually when you ask if one component is worth a particular amount of cash, you wanna let us know what your planning on using the pc for..

    However, I would suggest going with the newer Maximus iv gene-z board...it simply has too much to offer to pass up..granted, the rampage II may be cheaper, however the technology has aged, and you would benefit more from the newest ROG board...

    Z68 features such as ssd caching, and actually being able to use the processors built in gpu (I would recommend a 2500k i5 processor for maximus bawse-ness!) is too good to ignore...there's more, but that's the main...also the intel lan and x-fi sound card integrated into the board..the m4 gene-z is a fantastic board... it should come at around $190 Canadian...
  2. Thanks for the help. It seems as if the added features are really worth the added £40 or so, will take your advice.
  3. good choice...you wont regret it...Asus did a fantastic job with this board
  4. Could you possibly recommend a case to go with it? mid market sort of prices
  5. hmm...are you looking for a standard atx case? or a m-atx case? windowed or window-less? there's quite a few cases that would be great for the board.. if your wanting a m-atx case..the NXZT vulcan is a polular one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146065&Tpk=nxzt%20vulcan
    price isnt too bad either..
  6. Yea that looks like a good case. Definitely looking for mATX given that id have the smaller board. saves space. Im impartial to windows, they are good and bad in all situations, this one looks like its a meshed side?
  7. yeah..it is...has a fan as well i believe...the cooling is moderate..most people replace stock fans in this bad boy...if your willing to spend a bit more on the case.. you could try the silverstone FT03 ...ideal for reference video cards..follows the same 90 degree motherboard rotation as its bigger brother counterparts
  8. That silverstone is a weird shape case. Interesting though, nice to be a little different. Thanks
  9. np
  10. Erm, if its not late - you could also look at the Antec P180 mini - i saw some stores in uk selling them. In the States however, the Antec P180 mini's are becoming hard to find.

    +1 to the Gene-z , i have my eye on it as well!
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