How to transfer everything from one hard disk to another

my pc have 2 hard drive one is C: 80 gb the other is E: 500 gb everything is installed in the 80 gb disc C, disc C is geting full and my pc is geting slow, how can i transfer everything to drive E: without having to reinstall everything? please help
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  1. I would bet that your 80gb C:\ drive is where your default 'park or download drive. With that being stated. You can move all your files to your E:\ drive. However be aware when you open software it may give you the bonk sound of Windows cannot find your file or it is missing. You will need to redirect the software to your E;\ drive when that happens.
    Furthermore, you wont be able to drag programs to your E:\drive only the file folders. It is not recommended to install programs on 'other drives' then your C:\ drive anyhow.
    To address your question after that being stated. Open your Computer, burrow down until you see you drives C;
    Open your C drive Folder then minimize it, then open your E:\ drive Folder. Open the windows so you can see them both open (resize them) inside the C drive folder Cntl A and then drag it over to the D drive folder where you want the folders. And go make a sandwich cause it is going to take a minute.
  2. thank you for your response, understood, but how can i make de E: drive the default for all files and folders to avoid the system telling me file not found when trying to find files previously installed in c: , also assuming that I transfer all the files to E: windows will still looking for those files in c:?
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