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So I was wondering if the z68 chipset would be compatible with the new Ivy Bridge Processors. The reason I ask is because if it isn't, I will just buy some upgrades for my current system to last me until next year, then buy an Ivy Bridge system (z77 or x79 chipset I believe). However, if z68 will be compatible with Ivy Bridge, I will buy a cheap Sandy Bridge system (nice motherboard), then buy an ivy bridge cpu when they come out next year!
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  1. So far the 'word' is Yes:

    "According to an article over at the Chinese hardware site, My Drivers, both a firmware and BIOS update will be required in order to ensure that your motherboard will be able to use a new Ivy Bridge CPU. Unfortunately, only the H61, H67, P67 and Z68 chipsets will be “Ivy Bridge-upgradable” with the Q65, Q67 and B65 chipsets being left behind (UPDATE: HM67, HM65, UM67, QS67, QM67 chipsets are also reportedly excluded from the update)."

    ref - http://motherboardnews.com/2011/05/27/ivy-bridges-backwards-compatibility-explained/
  2. Alright. I'll probably just get a budget Sandy Bridge system with a great motherboard, then upgrade :) Thanks!
  3. Note that if you want the PCIe 3.0 features of Ivy Bridge, you will have to buy a mainboard that supports them. Current boards don't, but there will be some becoming available soon with the Z68 chipset -- I have seen announcements for them specifically citing PCIe 3.0 support.
  4. Aren't PCI Express backwards compatible?
  5. What Leaps-from-Shadows is saying, trying to, is that NONE of the current MOBO's support and NEVER will support PCIe 3.x. They are backwards compatible. Though I'd want it to be, PCIe 3 + GPUs 'today' won't be an added benefit. So unless 3/4-WAY SLI/CF is in the 'playbook' it won't make a difference. The GPU's today barely can saturate PCIe 2.x x8-lanes.

    PCIe -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PCI_Express#PCI_Express_3.0

    Yes, I'm certain the PCIe 3.x GPUs will work on PCIe 2.x slots and PCIe 2.x GPUs will work on PCIe 3.x slots; difference minimal. If only a single GPU then ZIP, no GPU current produced can saturate x16 PCIe 2.x or come close.

    I'm waiting for LGA 2011 + SB-E.
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