HDMI video works, but no Audio out of GPU

Palit GeForce® GTS 250 Green 1GB No audio through HDMI Cable. Getting video with no problem. I hooked the audio wires to MoBo from GPU as per instructions. Any ideas why no audio still?
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  1. To add.... The 2 pin SPIFF wire that came with the video card. I did hook that up to the motherboard as per instructions of Mobo and GPU. Just wanted to clarify that instead of calling it a wire :) thanks!
  2. What are your specs? And what TV/Monitor are you using?
  3. (Assuming Windows7) Verify your correct audio-device is selected through your sound-options: start => run => type "mmsys.cpl" then hit enter...
    Make sure the nVidia HDMI (or other HDMI option) is selected.
  4. Do you have the S/PDIF set as your play playback device in your OS?
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