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Phenom II 555 BE

What kind of performance increase would i see from a Pentium D 915 to a Phenom II X2 555BE in gaming? Motherboard is GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS3L 1066 ddr2 ram 6gb?
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    You will see a substantial performance increase but you will need a new AM3 motherboard to support the Phenom II.
  2. its for my bro in law i was going to get a asrock 890gx (not a top of a line games) and 2x2gb of 1333 DDR3 Rams
  3. It is a major upgrade! What GPU are you matching it with?
  4. he has a 5770 xfx
  5. Even better upgrade since the HD5770 cant stretch its legs paired with the pentium D!
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